Organizations seeking approval of API Monogram license or certificate of registration to API Spec Q1, shall maintain a current official copy of all applicable API standards or specifications, published by API.

Here the meaning of official copy is that the copy shall have watermark with organization’s name or an invoice issued in the name of organisation.

Note: Although this requirement doesn’t apply to other publication standards like ASTM, ASME, ISO, DIN etc. However manufacturers are encouraged to use relevant official copies of these applicable publications also.

Non-adherence to above requirement will lead to serious audit NCR and if not corrected by the organisation. This can result into cancellation or suspension of the license.

In addition to maintaining the official copy of API publications, manufactures need to comply with copyright restrictions imposed by the publisher. Especially for the organisations buying single copy of the standard. Below are the basics to understand this requirement.

  1. Don’t put standard on company server, cloud or website for sharing
  2. No sharing is allowed through photocopy, email, CD, pen drive or other mode of communication to employees, TPIs, supply chain vendors etc.
  3. Before putting standard or part of it into the training or educational material a prior approval is required from the publisher.
  4. More information on these restrictions can be obtained from the standard publishers.


Disclaimer: This interpretation is given only for guidance and is solely based on the author’s learning experience in API eco system. Before making any judgment, readers are advised to use their own understanding based on their own organisation’s requirements.

Note: API doesn’t endorse this interpretation as a part or in totality.