Product and Process Audit

Process audit:As the name implies this type of audit verifies that a process is functioning within the limits established by the organization and (or) product specifications. Commonly the processes covered under these audits are Heat-Treatment, Non Destructive Testing, Painting and Coating, Pressure Testing, Calibration of an equipment, etc. Sometimes the elements of management systems are also included in these type of audits.

Product audit: Generally product is an output of a single or combination of multiple process. For example a steel forging is produced by multiple processes like Raw Material Cutting, Pre-Heating, Forging, Trimming and Heat Treatment. In these type of audits an examination of a particular product or service is carried out, to verify that whether it conforms to requirements (i.e., specifications, performance standards, and customer requirements).

Both these audits are normally carried out for a shorter duration of one or two days, intensely focusing one or two processes or products. The output of these audits provides significant areas of improvement in a process or the product resulting immense benefits to the organisations in terms of opportunities of improvements. API auditors also use these process audit techniques during an API audit.


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