Supplier Qualification Audits

In today’s era of globalization, organizations has broaden their spectrum of suppliers and vendors by pushing the scale across geographies. Organizations also require high levels of confidence in the reliability, quality and production capacity of vendors and suppliers. Nevertheless this strategy comes with challenges of creating expansive operational programs. Hence, organizations need smoother and focused supply chain solutions.

To support our clients we tailor-made supplier quality audit programme these includes initial audits to periodic surveillance audits. During these audits we assess your supplier’s quality systems and ability to meet standards set by you.

A supplier audit programme executed by ABEC’s experienced and qualified auditors ensures that your vendors and suppliers are consistently able to deliver products and services specific to your requirements by marinating the full compliance to product specification during the product or service realization process. This stabilizes your own production process and leads to a lasting improvement of the competitive situation of your company.


“To Find the Right Supplier Audit Solution for Your Organisation.”