Gap Analysis Audits

Ideal for the organizations pursuing for an initial or first time certification for API or ISO management system. Our philosophy is to begin your new certification journey with a gap analysis audit.

Our gap analysis services are strategically planned and tailored to suit your specific requirements and are backed by engaging industry experienced and qualified auditors.

Gap analysis audit is a process to compare compliance of current established management system with the intended API or ISO certification. API also refer this as a Pre-Audit activity. Where compliance of each and every clause is reviewed through verification of existing established documentation. The gap analysis will identify the areas that are not in conformance.

We perform gap analysis audits on site and remotely in a virtual manner to suit your requirements. A detailed report will be generated at the end of the audit. This will help you to understand what need to be done to fill those gaps to meet the standard requirements, so that you can meet your certification audit goals as quickly as possible.

Our remote e-gap analysis audits are in full compliance to requirements of ISO 19011 & ISO 17021-1. The article “A critical time for remote auditing” in provides method and justification for the remote auditing.


To Find the Right Gap Analysis Audit Solution for your organisation”