Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Advisory and Consulting Services

ABEC’s consulting and advisory services encompass full support to oilfield equipment manufacturers and service providers for developing, implementing and auditing quality management systems in compliance to API Spec Q1/Q2, API Monogram and other ISO standards.

Training and Certification

All our training programs are developed by subject matter experts to help individuals and organizations develop and enhance competence and skills.
ABEC is a professional training provider with innovative learning and development solutions, covering API Spec Q1, Spec Q2, ISO 9001 and API specifications like API 6D, API 600, API 6A etc tailored to meet industry’s needs and expectations. All courses are delivered in both face-to-face and eLearning environments, ensuring learning objectives are achieved no matter where you are.

API and ISO Auditing Services

ABEC offers comprehensive management system audits from pre certification and periodic internal audits to customized supply chain solutions to support organization to seek excellence.

If you are pursuing to strengthen and improve your quality management system to internationally recognized standards like API Spec Q1, Q2 and ISO series – ABEC team has the unique combination of subject matter experts and industry experienced auditors you required to achieve the audit objectivity.

Inspection And Surveillance

Inspection services from ABEC provide confidence and ensure that products inspected by our inspectors and surveyors are meeting client, product specification as well as regulatory requirements.

ABEC has its own rigorous training and development program for the field inspectors focusing on inspection issues & activities and inculcating core knowledge in product specifications/standards/codes, inspection documents, best inspection practices, manufacturing processes and inspection tools & methods.

Our highly competent team of inspectors also holds qualifications and approvals from big oil and gas companies like Saudi Aramco, PDO Shell etc.

Supply Chain Management

In today’s era of globalization, organizations has broaden their spectrum of suppliers and manufactures by pushing the scale across geographies. But this strategy comes with challenges of creating expansive operational programs. Hence, organizations need smoother and focused supply chain solutions.

ABEC has a team of highly experienced sourcing specialists and technical and management system assessors. Who work closely with the organizations to support their supply chain management in following area of operations.

  • Sourcing of manufacturers and vendors
  • Technical Capability Assessments
  • Management System Assessments
  • Maintaining the vendor approval status

Project Management And Expediting

Today industry requires mounting volume of products, equipment and services that have to get projects done and organizations have enormous pressure to deliver these projects timely, quickly and with greater efficiency. In many instances projects get stuck due to delayed and mismanaged deliveries from the suppliers.

ABEC has the team of dedicated project management expeditors, who work closely with the buyers and suppliers to ensure the timely and prioritized deliveries of products and services. The tricks and tools used by our expeditors help in speedy project execution.

Human Resource Management

In today’s highly competitive and technology driven industry, pool of right kind of human talent is shrinking day by day. Finding competent and right employees is becoming a big challenge for the hiring professionals in the organizations.

To help and support the organizations, ABEC provides all-inclusive staffing solutions and services, includes the following:

  • Finding the right candidate as per job description,
  • Preliminary interviews to evaluate the prospective employee for possessing the desired competence
  • Participation as subject matter expert in the final interview process
  • Training and skill development to new and existing employees


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