API and ISO Internal Audits

Exhaustive Internal Audits before certification, re-certification and surveillance audits are indispensable

Internal Audits are like a dress rehearsal for an upcoming certification or renewal audit. Our auditors ensure that internal audits are performed in a similar manner as performed by the certification agency. The approach make sure you have evidence to comply with each requirement to the specific management system so that organizations are achieving audit objective with minimum or zero NCRs during certification audit.

ABEC’s auditing approach helps the organization to identify the gaps and it is so productive in nature that list of all the gaps are provided immediately on completion of internal audit process. Our team also try to give solutions on the spot so that gaps are filled immediately and organization’s time and efforts are reduced to achieve high score in the in the final audits.

API Internal Audits

API has two type of audits. One is the QMS audit focusing on API Spec Q1 and API Spec Q2 for manufacturing and service supply organizations respectively, catering to Petroleum and Natural Gas industry. The other type of audit is for API Monogram Certification, where a manufacturing organization is being audited for QMS as per API Spec Q1 with integration of product specific requirements.

Monogram-only certified organizations are audited once every year. This means that during a 3-year licensing cycle, each facility will undergo one renewal audit and two surveillance audits. Unlike ISO, API audits are very stringent and focused on clause by clause compliance of API Spec Q1 and product specifications by API Auditors.

To conduct API audit one has to be highly competent in Spec Q1 and well versed with various API Product Specifications. ABEC’s highly qualified auditors have attained this combination of competency with their vast experience in oil and gas industry.

Our auditors exactly replicate the API Audit, give hands-on experience of the API Audit before you face an upcoming certification, surveillance or renewal API audit. Our unique approach makes sure that you are achieving the audit objective with minimum AARs during the actual API audit.


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