Design Package

API Monogram Certification Program requires manufactures to maintain the Design Package(s) conforming to the latest edition of the applicable API Product Specification(s). During API Monogram Certification Audits, these design packages are reviewed and audited under clause 5.4 of API Spec Q1.

The purpose of the implementation of the API Monogram Program is to ensure organization’s ability to consistently provide reliable products as per API product specifications. To meet and demonstrate this objective, organizations shall maintain a complete design package and procedures, plans and instructions on how to develop a design.

A design package is a collection of set of documentation, which includes following as a minimum but not limited to

  • Design Plan
  • Design Inputs
    • Functional, Technical and Customer requirements
    • Applicable API, ASTM, ASME and other referenced standards and specifications.
    • Methods, assumptions and formulae used
    • Salutatory and Legal Requirements
    • Results from Risk assessments.
  • Design Output
    • Design Calculation
    • Assembly and Component drawings
    • Bill of Material
    • Material Specifications
    • Work Instructions
    • Procedures
    • WPS/PQR
    • Quality Plans
  • Design Review & Verification
    • Route Cards
    • Check Sheets
    • Inspection and Test Reports generated during In-coming, In-process and Final Inspection and Testing
  • Design Validation
    • Prototype Tests
    • Validation tests specified by standards and (or) regulators.
    • Field Performance Test
  • Design Change Records

Note: Above is not an all-inclusive list, it is just a reference of the documents or records required to ensure the completeness of a design package. The list will vary from one organization to other organization’s needs and their product requirements.

AB Engineers and Consultants support manufactures in preparation of design files for API specifications like API6A, API6D, API600, API602, API594, API16A, API16C, API19G1, API19G2, API19G3 etc. For more information on design packages please contact at